I have gone through different phases with regard to working out.  The first two years of college I mainly went to the gym to watch intramural basketball games. My junior year I worked out twice a day. By senior year it had tapered down to maybe three times a week.

Law school followed a similar pattern. I started out hardly ever working out. Then I joined Bally’s my second year and regularly worked out about 3-4 times a week pretty much until I graduated. Then I moved to Chicago, tried to keep up the routine (and was largely unsuccessful), and then got pregnant.

Losing baby weight brought with it its own set of challenges. If you’ll notice, the pattern that emerges with my working out is that some major life change happens (i.e. moving to a new state), I flounder about, get my act together, and then another major life change happens. Well, the issue with losing the baby weight was that my floundering phase was coupled with adjusting to motherhood.

I repeated the floundering-then-getting-it-together pattern once more after giving birth to my daughter.  When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was determined not to repeat it. I wanted to skip the floundering phase altogether but there was a small problem: I had to have a Caesarean section. Yay built-in floundering phase! -__-

And now I am in a sort of getting it together phase again. What’s different this time? The truth is, I don’t know.  I could very well have another major life change in the next year that will throw me completely off again.  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen though.  Tracking my food and workouts with MyFitnessPal has been immensely helpful, but without my own willpower, the website (and super-handy mobile app!) can only do so much.

One thing I hope to discover along this journey is why I lose focus and what prompts me to regain it.  Maybe if I can fill in those blanks, I can stop doing the flounder dance once and for all.