A common thread in the sermons I remember from childhood is that Satan will go on the attack once he sees you committing to do good.  So it comes as no surprise to me that I’ve been having some difficulty in both my physical and my mental overhaul over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve recently been placed in a position as the head of my church’s social media ministry. It’s a position I’m super-excited about and I felt really blessed to have the opportunity. I started making plans I thought would really grow the ministry and expand the reach of the church.  Because I connect with social media through my smart phone (due to having a lot of down time during the day), most of my plans involved me using my smart phone. 
Last week, my data speed inexplicably slowed to a crawl.  Posting something as simple as a tweet from my phone was an exercise in extreme patience.  I often thought to myself, “It figures once I actually start using social media towards an actual, admirable purpose, my vehicle for that use peters out on me.”  I began to worry if I was going to be able to carry out my duties. 

Then on Sunday while I was trying to listen to the sermon so I could blog about it later, both of my children had other ideas. My son thought my time would be better spent walking him around the sanctuary and my daughter felt that I needed to be reminded every 3 minutes how hungry she was.  Needless to say, the blog post didn’t happen. Great! Less than two weeks in the job, and I’m already dropping the ball.

In the area of fitness, I have found myself exhausted at the end of every day, so much so that mustering up the energy to exercise is a workout in and of itself.  It’s not like I can just get more sleep, either.  My almost-four-month-old son doesn’t much care that Mommy has to work a full day and try to burn off all the fat he put on her on less than 4 hours of sleep a night.  When a growing boy’s hungry, he wants to eat. Even if it’s 2:47 in the morning.

Add all of this to the persistent ache in my stomach and dizzy spells and headaches that are signaling to me that I might have a problem that will eventually need to be checked out, and I could start to get discouraged soon. But I know that it’s Satan just as sure as I know traffic is going to be hellish today.  And knowing that makes me all the more determined to succeed at this thing. 

It doesn’t mean I will always be positive, but what it does mean is that the bouts of negativity don’t have to be permanent. I’m only human after all, but I have a Friend in a high place. He’s taller than these hurdles and can leap them when I can’t.