This is a really quick post. I’m a little pressed for time at the moment so I can’t write out everything as fully as I’d like, but by way of an update:

I have lost 19 pounds since the beginning of my journey. I’m currently on a plateau for reasons I hope to jot down in a more lengthy post soon.

I’ve been growing spiritually. I still have some issues with my patience, but God is working on me. I don’t get as stressed about work, which I count as a small victory.

I’ve been tracking on MyFitnessPal for 85 days in a row! Some days I reeealllly don’t want to (because I want to eat like a 7-year-old left alone in a convenience store with a $100 bill and I figure if I don’t track it, it doesn’t count) but I do it anyway.

I still work out, but my frequency is suffering due to being busy and fatigue.

I think the craziness of this year is starting to get to me. I have a vacation coming up, during which I hope to get back on track fitness-wise (Ha!) or at least get some meaningful soul-searching time in (much more likely).

So that’s it for today. Not my best work but the length of time I had gone between posts was starting to weigh on me. Hopefully I’ll get some time soon to really expand upon some things.