Hi there.


So, what had happened was…


Okay, seriously: even though it appears I abandoned the whole chronicling-my-fitness-journey endeavor, I didn’t actually abandon the journey itself.  There have been a great deal of changes in my life recently which contributed to my virtual dropping off the face of the earth (at least as it relates to this blog).  I am happy to report, though, that I reached my goal weight!

It’s funny, but the last two blog entries I completed before this one pretty much sum up my take-away from this experience perfectly.  The only thing I will add is that when you get closer to your goal, it actually gets harder to maintain focus, rather than easier.  That came as a surprise to me.  The reason is because on a physical level, as your body becomes more efficient at using energy, it becomes harder to see significant changes on the scale.  On an emotional level, the perceived stall in progress becomes disheartening and it is tempting to give up or settle for your current stage.

“So, I was aiming to lose 39 pounds and so far I’m holding at 35. Thirty-five pounds is still pretty freaking good! I could stop right here and be pretty proud of myself!”

Yes, the above statements are true, but you have to examine what is inspiring the words.  Chances are frustration disguised as contentment is the force behind the sentiment.  The truth was I was not going to be satisfied with stopping at 35 pounds. I was proud of myself, sure, but I didn’t feel as if I was finished.  So even though it took me nearly two months to lose the last four pounds (compared to my first month in the journey in which lost ten pounds), I finally did it. I had setbacks and cheat days and days where I really didn’t want to work out, but when I looked at that scale and saw the number I had been dreaming about for months (okay, years) it was all worth it.


So this is my last post in this particular blog.  Not that I have been completely overhauled, mind you.  I will always consider myself a work in progress.  Right now, however, I’m trying to figure out the next chapter in my life and I feel like that journey will be best chronicled in a different way.

I appreciate the handful of eyes that graced my sometimes (read: all the time) rambling words and cheesy thoughts.  May your endeavors be fruitful and your satisfaction sweet.