I am happy to report that I have made it through a major pigout holiday (two of them, if you count Halloween) while continuing to decrease the number on the scale!  Thanksgiving was the big test; it involved travel to Oklahoma and food I spend half the year practically dreaming about.

Let’s talk about Oklahoma and what happens to me when I go there for a second.  There’s my mother-in-law’s rich Nigerian food.  Let’s just say “low-calorie” is pretty low on the priority list when it comes to the preparation of rice and stew. Then there’s the candy dish she keeps in the kitchen.  We’ve talked about me and candy dishes before.  There’s also Sonic and Mazzio’s and La Baguette; three eateries I only get to patronize when I’m in Oklahoma.  Let’s not even get into my own parents’ house and my hometown, where we usually go out to eat because my parents are usually too tired to cook, and I don’t know what to make out of what they have in their refrigerator and pantry so I don’t make anything.

Put that all together, and you can see why, after spending half my maternity leave in Oklahoma, I basically returned home to Chicago (and to my job) the same weight I was when I left the hospital after giving birth to my son. Even with breastfeeding.

Now let’s address Thanksgiving in and of itself.  My grandmother’s pecan pies (which I do a decent job of replicating myself), potato salad, corn bread dressing, giblet gravy, sweet potatoes drenched in brown sugar syrup…and some pretty good green stuff thrown in for good measure (but coupled with the obligatory bacon for flavor, of course). Then there are the specialty desserts, dreamed up by my sister and my cousin to debut on each year’s Thanksgiving menu. My mom’s chocolate chip pecan cookies. Um…I should probably stop here…I’m getting hungry again…

The point is, Thanksgiving is a belt-busting powder keg.  So for me to come out of that week not only without putting on weight, but actually still losing is a major achievement for me. Go, me! Excuse me while I cabbage patch.

*cabbage patch break*

Okay now that that’s done.  I’m over the moon happy I was able to truly observe moderation in my eating and actually made time to work out even though I was technically on vacation.  Now it’s time to gear up for Christmas and all of its ensuing parties.  Come on Christmas season, whatcha got for me? I’m ready for ya!